Geekological Diversity: Tabletop Edition

<p>We hear a lot about issues of diversity & representation in video gaming. But what about the tabletop side of geekdom? Don't those nerds deserve to see themselves represented in their games too?<p><p>So who's doing this well? Who's doing it badly? What does that even mean? Can you have good games that handle representation issues poorly? How do we engage with problematic games as conscientious gamers? Join a gamer, creator, blogger, & academic to explore these critical questions.<p>


Brit Snaggel [Founder, A Place at the Tabletop], Lee Flores [Contributer & Artist, Idependent Freelance Illustrator / Girls Got Game], Lois Spangler [Doctorate of Creative Industries Candidate, Queensland University of Technology], Gareth Hodges [Director, Cosm Games], Steve Dee [Founder, The MESSAGE]

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