Cultivating Safe & Inclusive Nerd Spaces

So you've recognized our community has a problem with inclusivity & hasn't always prioritized the safety/needs of people from different backgrounds. But enough about the problem—what are you going to do about it? It's one thing to want safe, inclusive spaces. It's another to make them happen. This panel is targeted at everyone who wants to take an active role in creating more diverse & inclusive nerd spaces. Come along to learn specific, practical, tested strategies for building such spaces.


Brit Snaggel [Founder, A Place at the Tabletop & Sydney Nerd-Out], Lila Pants [Co-Organiser, Sydney Nerd-Out], Morgan Archer [Radio/Podcast host/GX Australia Organising Team, Checkpoint on Joy 94.9 /GaymerX], Creatrix Tiara [Creative Producer, Organizer, Artist, Writer], Liz Duck-Chong [Dark Den, Writer]

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